Caring for Your Fish When on Vacation

No matter if you are going out for the vacation or something you need to pay attention towards taking care of your fishes as well. There should not be any kind of delaying to be done for your trip as it is important as well.

Here are a few points and steps that can easily help you out and provide you the basic knowledge of how to take care of your fishes and aquarium when you are going out for a vacation. These will help you out in creating a perfect environment for the fishes even when no one is around.


This is the most important point and needs to be taken care of properly when you are out. But no need to worry as there are a lot of techniques available in the market that can easily help you out to complete the food requirements of your fishes.

Automatic feeders

The best option that you can go for without relying on anyone if using the automatic feeders. You can easily buy these from the market at a very low cost according to your requirements. these feeders will automatically provide the food in the tank according to the need of fishes at the particular timing set up by you.


The next method that you can opt for is the fish sitter just like the babysitter they will be responsible for taking care of your fishes and providing them the food whenever it is the time to. They do not need to have an eye on the fishes at each and every point of time but instead can reach the place at the right time to provide food to the fishes.

If you happen to have a reef aquarium, I highly advise you look into a fish-sitter as you want to make sure your reef tank’s lighting is on par with your preferred schedule. If you leave the light on too long your corals may burn or become stress, if there’s not enough light then your corals may hinder growth or also become stressed.

Starve Your Fish

Yes, you read that correctly. You should check the maximum number of days your fish can survive without having food. Most of the fishes can live without food for approximately fourteen days. If you are required to leave for a short period of time there is no necessity for you to provide the food to the fishes. You should definitely look for a fish-sitter if you are required to leave your home for a long period of time.

Quick steps to follow

There are some of the quick steps that you need to pay attention towards before you are going. These will make sure to properly take care of your fish and provide you assistance with helping them stay properly when you are not around.

  • First of all, make sure to check all the timers for the lights and food feeders as well.
  • Also, talk to your fish-sitter for once in order to add up any of the last minute details that will be helpful for them to take care of your fishes properly.
  • You are also required to do a water change and take out the dirty water from the aquarium. The fresh water should be filled in the fish tank.
  • Last minute checkups are important for you to make sure that everything is done properly.