What is the Perfect Freshwater Aquarium Temperature?


Having the correct temperature in your freshwater aquarium is so important. It is what’s going to keep your fish healthy. This is basic aquarium keeping 101, so it’s good to get this part right.
The right temperature will make your fish more comfortable. And the big secret is to keep it as consistent as possible. Your freshwater aquarium temperature is very important. We’ll go over the basics in this article.
Fish will become stressed if their environment is not kept consistent. The stress leaves them more vulnerable to diseases and even death.

The first thing you need to do is consider the location of your aquarium. Think about whether it will be in a cool room or a warmer room. Will it be in a well lit room or a room that gets little light?
You’ll also want to consider the fish in your tank. Different types of fish will want a certain temperature range, but they are all pretty similar in their needs. Do some research on the internet or at your local fish store to find out exactly what types of temperature they prefer.

Immersible Heaters

The least expensive and most commonly used aquarium heater would be the immersible heater. This is the type of heater that a new aquarist might choose because they are readily available and affordable.
They’re also quite easy to use. They just dangle into the water on the side of your aquarium. And they have a clearly marked line that you must not submerge the heater past. If you do, you risk having permanent damage to the heater.

Some aquarists do not like staring at this immersible heater danging on the side of their aquarium. So they might choose a submersible heater instead.

Submersible Heaters

The nice thing about submersible heaters is that they are submersible! Meaning that they can be fully put into the aquarium water and not have to hang off the sides. So it can be hidden somewhere in the aquarium–behind rocks, for example.

It’s easy to regulate the heat using the submersible heater. They are more expensive than immersible heaters, though. But a lot of aquarium enthusiasts like them because they’re more natural-looking.

Filter Heaters

Another option would be the filter heater. These are even more expensive than either of the previously mentioned heaters, but it’s a really nice heater. It works quite simply by warming the water as it moves through the filter. This allows the aquarium water to stay more consistent.

But the really nice thing about a filter heater is that the heater stores outside the aquarium tank so you don’t have to look at it inside the aquarium! The price is something to consider with this type of heater.
Once you decide what kind of heater you want, you’ll be able to get a size that works for your size of tank, since heaters do come in different sizes.A 20 gallon tank can use a 50 watt heater. Add an extra 25 to 50 watts for every 10 gallons beyond that.

The nice thing is, you can always start with a immersible heater and move up from there as you play with it and realize what you may want your tank to look like in the future.